Are there any users in Helsinki / Finland?

Hello All,

I am rather new here and falling in love with this app:)
I was wondering if there are any users nearby (Helsinki) who would like to get together once in a while and talk about Webflow, Ui-Design etc, etc

@cyberdave - might know a few users over there ?

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If you ever take the boat over to Stockholm @BreadinsteadCake be sure to let me now :smiley: I’ll do the same, its been a while now since I was in Helsinki.

Hi Jorn! Great, I will! Actually Stockholm has been on my “next to go” list for a while:) and welcome to Helsinki too!

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I’m from Helsinki and just signed in to Webflow.
Nice to see/hear/read You guys :wink:


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Hi @JohnnyL, @BreadinsteadCake, I am in Helsinki myself, I would love to have a meetup :slight_smile: I am sure we can find a nice place to talk design and everything Webflow :slight_smile:

I will ask @PixelGeek and @Waldo our resident experts on meetup to learn some best practice, then do my best to get something setup in meetup and send out some invites :slight_smile:

Our neighbor @jorn is always welcome :slight_smile:


Hi, Dave!

Nice to hear from You – and, yes, all those succestions of your sounds perfect!

Actually there is one topic I already wrote about and where I’d love to have some help in Webflow. I haven’t send it to the Webflow forum (yet).

Here is a copy / paste from the writing:
(It’s an answer to another writing / advice).

I quickly looked at the videos and they all seems to start from the same spot: text over the backround, and both of them already over the image (I’ll look more carefully later).

I also searched for the same topic in Google (‘Webflow text over image’), and was surprised how many have been batling with the same issue over the last few years.

So a tip which would propably low the threshold to start useing Webflow.

  1. Video about ‘how to PUT the text (and a colour backround, etc.) over the image’ (not starting from the point where they’re already placed over the image, and showing how to move them there. A video how to BRING them there). Meaning: from a side-by-side situation to a _on-top-of-each-other_situation with the elements. If there are many ways, they could all be shown (from the very beginning).
    (This is so basic thing, it could propably be more intuitive – or having those step-by-step videos. Not just listing the names of the topics related to the issue).

Not giving up – still trying to find an answer to this ‘newbie obstacle’…
(I quess in these type of issues the one who doesn’t know, knows the best – the problem, I mean :wink: ).


Great! Let’s do it some of the days!


@BreadinsteadCake @cyberdave @jorn - if you guys start up a meetup, please send me a link. I would love to help out anyway I can to get this going.