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Hello from sunny London!

:wave: Hi Webflow community!

I’ve been following Webflow for years and only recently finally decided to sign up. I was blown away by the Ecommerce launch and just had to check out the platform for myself.

I’m a designer originally, but have been running GoSquared for many years. I don’t want to pitch or sell anything here at all, but I just wanted to say hi and join the conversation – hopefully I can be of help on a bunch of topics.

We’re determined to integrate GoSquared with Webflow as tightly as possible, so if anyone has any questions or desires for how analytics and live chat can work better with their Webflow sites, I’d love to chat with you.

The community here seems to be awesome so I can’t wait to chat with you all more! :blush:


Welcome to the community! :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see what you build with Webflow.

Also, did you know about the London Webflow meetup?

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Ah amazing! I did not know about this! This looks fantastic – I’ll definitely get involved! Thanks so much for the info @PixelGeek.


Hey @jamesgill

Welcome man! :webflow_heart:

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Welcome @jamesgill ! :smiley:

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