Webflow User Logins and Web App Functions with Airtable

We have been working with a few different Webflow agencies to develop advanced services to integrate dynamic user data without code. Both in the way of forms, lists, edit pages, and full user management with cutting-edge authentication features like MFA, passkey and Sign in with Google.

Paired with our NoCode user authentication solution, we also created a Low Code HTML and JS toolkit to secure data queries and data posts to and from Airtable.

You can play around with it here on a live demo site:

Take a look with our video walk through of how easy we have made these integrations.

Why do you need user logins for Webflow?

You can now provide a seamless Airtable and Webflow integration that gives full web app functionality for dynamic user data without coding or developer resources. Simply copy and paste and custom HTML classes to create advanced data applications that save and show user specific data from Airtable based on the user login.

Adding Webflow site user authentication to query records specific and secured to their login, you can start to build all kinds of web applications: marketplaces, lead generation, journal and note taking, photo and video galleries, naming contests, podcast directories, movie reviews, employee management tools, budgeting and financial reporting, etc…

Our solution is fully extensible with our Low Code JS toolkit and provides easy JS options to:

Our integration is secured by cryptographic JWT verification automatically. This verification doesn’t just rely on hiding a secret or URL, it uses secure, sameSiteOnly, non-javascript cookies to securely allow users based on their login session.

Key features of Vault Vision:

Passkey (passwordless logins) - a next generation authentication method that is phishing-proof and twice as fast for users to use [Google Online Security Blog: Making authentication faster than ever: passkeys vs. passwords]

MFA via TOTP (app or email) - an easy to use 2nd factor authentication that allows Multiple MFA apps to be registered, or simply fallback to an email TOTP code. The ultimate in flexibility for the user.

Custom Domain and SSL - use your own domain with automatic SSL provisioned through Vault Vision and Let’s Encrypt.

Unparalleled Security - Strict content security policies in the browser and Zero 3rd party scripts and Zero 3rd party tracking give you unbeatable security and peace of mind. The multiple layers of defense are the best in the business.

Customizable Designs

Get raw access to add your own custom CSS. Pre-built designer to customize your logo, page images, layouts and brand colors for backgrounds and buttons.

Self-Service User Settings

Each plan comes equipped with a self-service user settings page where users can update their email, password, add multiple TOTP MFA applications, multiple passkeys or hardware FIDO tokens and even multiple sign-in with Google, Microsoft, Apple accounts. The most flexibility possible.

Built for Internal or External users with flexible session lifetimes

With our unique authentication tenant options, you can easily restrict access to only users you invite, or allow open registration but restrict access until approved by you.

Customizable session lifetime durations allow you to configure how often you want users to be prompted to login and how long you want multi factor authentication to be valid for on a given device.

What’s next for Vault Vision?

We are Webflow builders and creators and we want to help all the agencies get more high dollar projects by making it easy to add this advanced functionality. We will be publishing more great use cases and walk through videos to showcase all the clever solutions used to get projects finished fast, and impress your clients.