Webflow User Beta

I am designing signuo page for my admin and users. I am using “Users Beta” feature of webflow… Signup page is working fine for users. But now i want to duolicate the signup page for my admin with some more fileds. What should I do? Is there anyway to create duplete of user beta or some other way?

There is no “signup as admin” feature. Webflow’s standard user is designed to allow you to specify only one set of default access-groups, unless you are using paid membership levels through ECommerce.

What you can do instead is create a custom admin sign-up form, and then route that through automation like make.com. There, you’d use the Memberships API to send out a user-invite with your admin access-groups.

You’ll have to figure out how your verification process can work to prevent unauthorized people from getting admin access. Normally, you’d just invite them manually.

Ok got your point. If i create a custom design page for admin and want all the data store in User AccOunt of membership. Is there anyway?

Indirectly yes.

  • Build your form
  • Connect it to an automaton webhook, e.g. Make.com
  • Have that webhook pass the data back to Webflow’s Create User API

You can pass in custom user data into Memberships if you’ve defined custom user fields.

Hi @Tayyabaaa :wave: welcome to the forum.

You’ll need to glue this together yourself, but it sounds like you’re open to the idea.

  1. Create a native Webflow form.

  2. Submit those forms into Zapier (tutorial) or Make / Integromat (tutorial). The latter, Make / Integromat being the best choice.

  3. Now that you have the form submission in Make, trigger a Webflow Memberships invitation (tutorial).

For admin users, you’ll want to think about a way to review & approve them before inviting them.

A popular approach is to use Airtable for this.

Instead of sending an invite on form submit, add that info into Airtable. Then you can review it and trigger the invitation from Airtable instead.

Hope that helps!