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Sooo, I understand that the Membership is a beta program. I’m building up “User Account” but I also like to be able to build a static page similar to the CMS pages where you can make a label and the data set for anyone that is logged in to see their account as is without having to needing to change or update their account right there. Is there any alternative to being able to showcase their account data in ways I can do my own custom label and data info without the default input? That way I can do may own layout that is more unique? Right now, I can only place a table box over the whole page so that it cannot be updated. There’s a reason I’m doing this, but that’s the only way.

Also a way to link particular CMS data to members account. No way to do that right now?

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No, not without the default account stuff out-of-the-box.

That said you do have some options.

Option 1:

You may add to it with your own custom info. They give you 20 extra fields to do that for each account and then you have the ability to pick and choose which you do and don’t want displayed:

Option 2:

You could always hook into a new membership being account created and then create a new CMS item using a glue service like Make (Integromat).

This is a bit involved, but doable.

You can (as mentioned in option 2 above) but it’s not built-in, and it’s a bit of work.

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Ok, how about being able to pre-populate a member’s information onto the form build feature? Like bringing their email and name and other data I’ve custom added being able to pre populated using the form block. So that when a member is logged in, they go to a member’s accessible page, they can submit an entry but already has their email and name and among other information already input so that the member does NOT have to reenter their email and name again? This is where they will also be filling out a complete online form with attached images. If it requires some sort of scripting that’s fine, just let me know a simple example that can be done and I’ll do the rest. Thanks.

I’m not following you. That’s what it does when you use option 1 described above. You add a custom field to the account page and it pre-populates it for you.

Sorry, Let me show you a page:

As you will see, there are 2 separate forms. One is the actual member’s form within the “User Account” page using the “User Account Form Block”. Then there is the usual “Form Block”. What I’m trying to do is build out a very complex questionnaire form which will be emailed to the admin, me primarily, with image attachments. Currently a logged in member will need to re enter their name and email address etc which they have already have registered with to begin with. I’m trying to see if I can port or bring any of the “Member’s” side of data onto the “Form Block” fields to prepopulate without having the logged in member re enter their email address nor name etc. Or bring ANY sort of Data from the Memberhips (Beta) side to pre populate the common “Form Block”. I figured with simple java script or whatever script as I’m NOT a programmer why I use this platform because I can build awesome custom websites without understand scripting. I can manipulate it if you instructed me what to manipulate and copy and paste a script as I have NOOO idea about programming languages or even come close to remotely understanding the concept of it. Thanks for any help.