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What’s up everyone,

How might I create a different sign-up form or page for 2 separate access groups? Is that even possible in Webflow Membership? Like, have a sign-up form or page for User Access Group 1 and a separate sign-up form or page for User Access Group 2 so that when someone signs up on either one they go automatically to that specific sign-up group.

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Hey David, yes you can, using an invite-driven approach and a bit of automation.

  • Create your own forms as normal Webflow forms, however and wherever you like
  • Connect them to triggers on whatever automation platform you like ( Make, Zapier, n8n )
  • In that automation, call the Webflow API’s Invite user endpoint, with the user data you want, and specifying the access group(s) you want them to have.

They’ll fill in the form.
In the success message, you’ll say “check your email and click the link to complete sign-up”
They’ll click the email link to be taken to the sign-up page, but their email is already entered, and the access groups already specified. They can set their name, that’s about it.

Do the same thing for each form you want.

Note, Logic is 99% of the way to providing this internally however checking it just now, there’s a tiny bug where you cannot set the invite email from a variable, which makes this approach fall over. Very soon though, I expect they’ll fix that and you won’t need an external automation solution to do this.

Also note, that if you want to get fancy, your automation can call invite user, get back a user ID and then immediately call update user. You can set custom fields that way from your very first invite form. This is great e.g. for affiliate tracking from a URL variable.

You can also set the user’s name in this way however that’s also a bit broken, when they’re taken to sign-up from the email link, they won’t see the name they’ve given in form 1, and anything they enter ( even nothing ) will overwrite what you set through the API. Best practice here is;

Form 1- your custom form
Collects email, and and custom fields you want
Knows the access-groups to set, via the automation it’s triggering

Form 2- Webflow’s sign-up form
Collects name and password and completes sign-up

This was a good question David, I’ve added it to my membership tips and will build a cloneable once Logic can handle email binding on the Invite user block.

Hi @devopsdave :wave: welcome to the forum.

You absolutely can though you don’t get that out of the box, you’ll have to glue it together yourself.

But not to worry, this is a common approach with Webflow and it’s fairly straightforward.

Here’s how to be successful with it:

Step 1

Start by collecting their email address with an ordinary, native Webflow form.

Step 2

Then send that form submission to Make (Integromat). They have an ample free tier that gives you everything needed.

Here’s a step-by-step screencast walking through how to do that.

Step 3

Next, you’ll call the Webflow Memberships API from Make.

You’ll pop off an invitation through Webflow Memberships to the email address submitted in your form.

Here’s a walk through of how to set all that up.

Step 4

Add your second Webflow form. Now the first form can invite a new user for access group 1 while the second form invites a new user for access group 2.

This may seem a bit daunting, but once you get the hang of using these workflows, it becomes quick & easy.

Hope that helps!