Webflow Use Cases

I’m trying to get a better sense of Webflow and when it makes sense to use it - seems like a great tool but a bit expensive for some of the freelancers that charge upwards of $5k for a new site.
I have a few general questions that I would love to hear people’s thoughts on to get a better sense of Webflow and it’s use cases today vs. other tools.

  1. How much of Webflow is DIFM vs. DIY? Seems like it is better for the DIFM use case vs a Squarespace/Wix which are better for the DIY use case since it is more of a template approach?
  2. How many customers are hosting on Webflow vs. hosting externally? Is there a difference in the pricing if you are hosting externally?
  3. What does Webflow do that Squarespace/Wix cannot and what can Webflow do that WordPress can not? Is there anything that WordPress can do that Webflow cannot?
  4. What % of your projects do freelancers work on that import or export CSS? Is Webflow the best tool to import/export CSS? Why?
  5. Are the sites that folks are building on Webflow more complex than Wix/Squarespace but less complex than WordPress in general?

You should experiment yourself, but webflow is amazing tool, imo better than other around the internet. Is kinda expensive service, but you need the right clients, in my case my clients host in hostinger and I directly upload the zip files problem is with cms so if you using cms you should host in webflow directly (I guess).

Webflow in general is NOT more complex than other services, its just like understand how to use photoshop, when you know about the tool you can dive around very easy.