Webflow - Should you use it for you next project?

Finding Webflow 3 years ago changed my world

Webflow will allow you to use some really cool super-powers, and it’s an all in one design tool - and the support team is very capable and efficient. The server uptime is excellent, you’ll rarely have issues.

but if you are a foreigner, and you’ve tried using Webflow before, you’ll know Webflow fans are hardcore, as I was a Webflow fan once too ; so before you decide to lunge at me, there are a few points I must make when using Webflow for clients ;

Webflow encounters many issues with it’s editor, which frustrates not only my clients, but me as well. Every time they are busy with a CMS item, their editor closes on them and they have to recreate the account. (2-3 times a week)

The hosting cost ontop of the Builder costs make this an expensive product to use, which does not compensate the fact that if you want to use a payment provider, you don’t have any option but to use theirs.

Just to compare, I can create the same site in another Website Builder, but I will pay $24 to host 20 sites at an optimal speed.

Webflow offers you great servers, but at what cost? 24 dollars on top of the $20 per website? I don’t think this is affordable.

It’s a shame that Webflow is targeting only one market, which are more experienced developers, but when it really shifts down to it, you forget that the little guys need something more affordable AND functional, for our clients.

As days go by, we really are considering switching, not due to any superficial reason, but we feel that at this price point, we require stability on our website that our clients can rely on.

And as much as I hate Wordpress, it does have accessibility and many plugins/solutions that Webflow just cannot compete with.

But, if you are looking for a standard site with excellent up-time and amazing support / educational resources, you’ve found Webflow. And I will always recommend Webflow for personal projects, if it is within your price range.