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How do you use webflow?


my title seem to be about using webflow in general, but it’s not about that. It’s more about why and how do you use webflow to make a project?

I’m currently in the design/mockup process of my website and I’m almost ready to start coding it.
My older website is hosted for only $60/year and with webflow hosting is more than double that if I want CMS.

I would like to know if you are all using webflow to design and host website or you design and export your website after to your current host?

I’m currently not sure about using Visual Studio Code or Webflow for designing/coding the website and not sure either about hosting with Webflow which is way more expensive than what I have right now. My first idea was to export my code and use pinegrow to convert to WordPress to have free CMS, but I don’t want weird codes I find in most WP templates…

Why and how do you use Webflow over other tools?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Mostly because it is super convenient. Most of the sites I create in Webflow are generating some sort of profit anyway, and a couple of hundreds a year is a tiny amount in this instance. If you are doing some sort of no-profit work, then yeah, probably makes sense to export it. But even then most non-profits ARE generating some sort of benefits.

Make sens. My website will mostly be a portfolio, so I will not earn anything from that on the short or medium term I guess.

A portfolio’s main task is to attract clients, no? Even one successful project that happens because of your portfolio is more than enough to cover the costs of using webflow hosting and any yearly services associated with maintaining it.