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Webflow University Design

Hi Folks ,

I’d like to make similar design to Webflow University pages for one my project and to do this , I’d like to see how its being structured in Webflow … Not sure if that would be possible …

Frankly speaking , the way elements structured, positioned etc, Webflow pages are my all time favourite designs … Webflow design team’s work always inspires me a lot to make something different.

@PixelGeek is that something you can help to pass the message to team :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot .


In general you could inspect element to learn ± about the structure.

outline elements

Also usefull to outline - divs/block elements



About the idea of shadow cards - try her:

vertical-rhythm text

About text flow - i guees webflow use vertical-rhythm patterns (Very good spacing):

Rhythm is achieved when the elements of your design are organized into repeatable patterns.

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Thanks , I am aware how to check all those but Webflow is the company that is providing the platform to create / design pages and there is nothing wrong for them to share the design of their page in the tool that are selling :slight_smile:

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