How can Webflow help me Design a Site like this?

Hello Friends,

Happy New Year.

I found this pretty and simple site and i would love to model it along my webdesign site.

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How can i use webflow to design a site just like that?
Can any expert here dissect the website and give me a theoritical and practical breakdown on how i can achieve a design like that with webflow?

I will be most grateful for your help.


anyone to help? :sob:

cc: cyberdave, StevenP, waldo, sabanna, vincent, pixelgeek, alexn, thesergie, callmevlad and others

This one structure is not complicate. You can create a site like that easily with webflow if you studied basic structure and interaction well. If you need someone design for you. I would like to help you. Please message me. XD

Well, kinda basic layout I was able recreate

Intro and footer part has animated svg and yet there is paralax effect in the footer.


Thank You very much for taking your time to help out. I’ll check it out right away.

@sabanna how can i clone the site? please help. Thanks

Oww, sorry I didn’t mentioned (have a busy time now). It is inside my sandbox (last page)


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thanks dear. you are a gem

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