Webflow UI dropdowns improvement?

Hello :slight_smile:

I was just wondering, if it would make sense, to use the available vertical space to display all options of a dropdown menu within webflow designer instead of having to scoll down… wouldn’t it be great to spot the option we’re interested in and select it instead of “endless” scrolling ?

I know you guys have enough to do with GDPR thing and other more important update but that could be a little appreciated improvement too :slight_smile: which is, I think, true for many dropdown menus withing the webflow designer.


This one is a good one for the wishlist

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@anthonysalamin thanks for writing about this! This particular thing is on our radar and will be improved soon


@frontendgirl sounds great !

If I may follow up on the vertical space improvement :slight_smile: you’ve recently released a search page option few days ago, would it make sense to have that little search page option also available for linking purposes on the right panel to avoid scrolling ?

Many of us don’t have massive amount of pages but still… generally we know exactely to which page we’d like to link a button - just typing the first few letters of that page and having it magically pop up like on the actual search page option on the left panel could be the cherry on the cake !

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:slight_smile: and this one in contrary is quite go to become a wish in the wishlist )