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Micro Updates "PROBLEM" of webflow forum/wishlist

For example this micro idea is very useful for one-pager:

Add ability-to-close-dropdown-menu-after-link-is-clicked

Open since 2014 (6 years).

Search on the forum (50+ Q about this issue/idea).

SUM: Very hard to get a lot of votes for “micro ideas” like this one on webflow wishlist (To get votes) = Very hard to improve the UI by micro-changes (Sometimes on daily basis those micro-ideas make the difference).

1. ##% useful Example - interactions:

Add extra value for distance (More flexable)

My idea: On webflow wishlist - two years ago => 0 votes.

2. Crazy example two (Useful for big blogs).

Add options to show posts by category under the editor/designer.

WP screenshot:

36 votes

3. Add global var for a project/site name

Why? Like this, you change site name 1 time and all of your titles update.

some page name | {{site name}}

0 votes

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