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Webflow Template Help Resources?

Hello! My name is Caitlin, and I’m a total tech and webflow newbie! I’ve taken the webflow 101 crash course, and I’ve purchased a template. However, I’m still confused about how to use a template!

The template has multiple landing pages, pricing pages etc. How do I build out my website without deleting these? Just thinking I might want them later.

Are there any other good tutorials or instructions I can check out? Just don’t really know where to start…thank you for any help!

If you are on a paid account plan you could duplicate the template I think and work from a copy. I don’t believe that is against the template purchase license. Or you could duplicate the page place the originals in a locked folder.

Just remember that if you edit a CSS class on a page it’s going to impact that class on all pages.

Ah thank you Jason! That sounds like a good idea.