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Keeping unused template pages for future use

I’m new to Webflow, and this might be a stupid question but I cant find the answer I’m looking for.

So I’ve just bought a template for $79 to build a portfolio website. It gives me different options for homepage layouts etc, and although I’m only going to be using one homepage layout live on my site, I’m pretty keen to keep all the different layouts incase I want to change that site.

Is there any way of using a few layouts from the template, and keeping the others inactive but saved for the future? Like hiding them? I’d hate to have paid for them then delete them and find theres no way back!

Any help would be amazing!


Hi @alliewood

Good news - yes - once you have a hosting plan you can protect/hide pages and folders:

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face: and welcome to the forums.

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Hey Allie! Yes, like @StuM suggested it’s simple and you have a few options.
First of all you can duplicate the original template page you are editing to make sure that you have a copy of it in the future.

Then simply edit the navigation and delete the Link Boxes/Nav Drop Down options that link out to the other home page navigation options (1,2,3…etc…)

As long as the user has no way of linking to that page, they won’t find it easily.
However, you’ll want to make sure the page is not being indexed on Google and confusing users.

So to solve that issue you can actually navigate to the page that you wanted to temporarily hide (For example Home Page 2) and click on page settings on pages, then navigate to the Robot .Txt and add a robot.txt or toggle that option. This will hide your page from search engines looking to crawl and index it’s information :smiley:

If you ever want to protect a page with a password, that option will be there as well.

Hope that helps!