Webflow support hasn't responded to me in ten days and I need help with two things. My contact form isn't working and I am having an alignment issue

Hey everyone, Thanks for all the help here. Webflow support has been terrible and they take advantage of you all here to give free advice. I have written them 10 times and they have only responded once. You all here have helped me figure out all my glitches so thank you so much

I have two issues I’d appreciate help with:

  1. My hero animation doesn’t line up with the menu button when live. It will show it’s lined up but then in live it’s not. So i had to make it not aligned in Designer so it aligns live. Why would this happen?

Read only: Webflow - Diego

  1. My contact form doesn’t submit. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here. Also do you know how to get rid of the resizing pull thing at the bottom right?

Read only: Webflow - Diego

My published site is : diegochicago.com

Thank you!

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