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Is Webflow down for you?

Something really odd is happening and I want to make sure it is just me, or if it is happening to somebody else.

Since about 3 hours ago, whenever I try to open or any project I own hosted by webflow Chrome just spins forever and then throw an “unable to connect” error.
At first I thought it was either a temporary webflow issue or something with the cookies.
Here is the strange part.
When I go to webflow with my phone, the same happens, but as soon as I disconnect from wifi and connect via LTE, it works, therefore in can’t be a cookies issue.

Maybe DNS issues with some IP blocks or something? Anyone experiencing a similar issue?

Any suggestions will be appreciated as I have ton of work to do :stuck_out_tongue:


I am having similar issues. My site hosted with Webflow is not loading any images or CSS. Also, when I load images, they are not showing up in the designer. Also, images across all projects on two different accounts are not showing up in the designer and appear broken in the assets palette. I am under deadline so I am super crestfallen.

It seems to be working for me. Have you tried logging in a out of your account? Or it could be an issue w/ your DNS like you said.

just a follow up, in my case the issue resolved itself. I guess it was something with my ISP or some routing issue with my IP. Everything seems to be working right now.

I’m having this issue right now. Site just loads forever, and on different devices only the html shows. Hope it get’s resolved soon

I’m having this issue on all of my pro account website projects (4 active websites). I’m in the UK.

It started happening late yesterday with installed web fonts not displaying in the designer and now today all png and a lot of background jpg images are not displaying as well.

The missing images and pngs appears to be effecting the main webflow showcase page too.

I’m working to tight deadlines and need this fixed as a matter of urgency. I have already had to pause a client newsletter being posted out this morning as I’ve been unable to make their news stories live in their webflow website.

Are any webflow staff monitoring and looking into this at the moment?

@am-webflow -> Can’t duplicate your issue. Tested North America access and the U.K.

Suggest you look closer at your network provider.

Thanks. Have you looked into my pro account and do the images and fonts look like they are displaying correctly?

Sorry mate, I don’t work for Webflow. Just a community member like you.

Any webflow staff … continuing from my post above. Here are some screen grabs from within the designer and also on your showcase page.

Fonts not loading are installed fonts not Webflow included. Images effected seem to be png’s and background images.

I have cleared cache and quit out of both webflow and the browser but still the same issues when I go back into the designer. Happening on safari, chrome & firefox across mac and pc platforms. Also logged in incognito. Everything was fine up until about 4ish UK time on Friday when the issues started.

The site I’m showing is fine live online but I’m unable to make updates or publish new content due to the font and image issues in the designer.

Read only link:

Everything works fine on my end too.

Thanks Piter … helpful to know.

I have a webflow customer support rep looking into it now.

Hi, I’ve just checked my website and projects this morning and having the same issue. See screenshot attached. Is there any updates from webflow on this?

Hi all …

I have all projects in my pro account all back up and running and loading missing images and custom installed fonts correctly. This was made possible with the help of Webflow customer services chap call Dave.

For me it was an issue at my end. My browser console errors within the webflow designer pages were indicating that there was a connection issue from my Mac connecting to webflow. I believe this has something to do with my broadband supplier, although I’m no expert, as the issues started happening after my broadband went down briefly Friday afternoon (maybe they made some changes that caused the communication errors?).

Dave recommended:

One thing you might try is to change your dns on the local workstation to see of that helps. I would try using Google Public DNS, see here:

You will get a walkthrough at this link:

I had to quit out of safari and webflow and open and log back in to see things back up and running again.

Worked for me.

Acid test will be tomorrow when I spend a full day on a webflow project.

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