Webflow submission does not work with mailchimp integration

I have added a mailchimp integration in my form (see screenshots below) which is working fine the data is sent to mailchimp. However I also want besides sending data to mailchimp that the form submission is also tracked by webflow because I want to make use of the form notifications by webflow.

Right now webflow submissions are not visible in project settings → forms

Does someone know how i can make use of both programs by using 1 form?

Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 10.56.16

Hi @Michel_Wassing, using a custom form action circumvents Webflow’s default form processing, so the results won’t show up in the Webflow project settings.

You could remove the custom form action and then use a tool like Zapier to add subscribers to Mailchimp when the form is submitted on Webflow.

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