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From submission vision in Mailchimp, but not on Webflow

Hi everyone,

I created a form on my website (not published yet, but accessible via and followed an official YouTube guide to set it up. I can see the data in Mailchimp, but I can’t see it on webflow. The thing is that my form also has a message box and I can’t transfer it to Mailchimp.

Anybody has an idea why that is happening? Is it that if I send data to a 3rd party service, webflow automatically ignores it on its end?

The short answer is YES. I think for duplicate submissions you must use tools like ZAPIER (True to june 2021).


On some website, I create very “ugly” trick To get around this problem. I create two forms (A. webflow and B. Mailchimp - and when the Mailchimp form[b] send ==> by Jquery I fill up Form [A] with the data from Form [B] and send both forms). On the live website form A is hidden.

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