Mailchimp Form Action and Webflow Submissions

Hey Webflow,

I am running into a problem that I could use some help on.

I’ve followed your Mailchimp integration tutorial and it successfully works. But the problem I’m having is that once I’ve integrated Mailchimp, Webflow stops sending form submission notifications to the designated email and also stops collecting submission history in the form data center.

Why is this? Is it even possible to have Mailchimp integration combined with Webflow submission data/notifications? If the answer is “No” then this is a problem for me and my clients.

Here is the website in question:

Any information would be appreciated.



@daximus_sbt great question!

​When you set a form submission to post to your MailChimp form rather than your default Webflow site form submission workflow, then the form submissions from that form just go directly to MailChimp and do not get submitted/stored to your Webflow forms.

If you would like to have your form submissions do both you could setup a Zapier integration on your forms and send the information to MailChimp from within Zapier, this way your form submissions will still be stored within your site settings under the Forms tab and get sent to MailChimp.

@Waldo Awesome thanks for the info and confirming that Webflow doesn’t store data once Mailchimp is integrated.

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