Form not working - error state


I made a popup form and conected it to a mailchimp list I made. I followed this tutorial

When I try to use the form and send it, it shows the Error state. I’m not even receiving the form notification from webflow. I would like to see the subscribers on mailchimp and receive the email.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Carol!

First, I think if you configure a WF form to use a custom POST action on submit, the form data will NOT be send to WF at all, you will only see it on mailchimp.
I have submitted an entry, which seemed to have gotten through.

jQuery35101827796865144975_1630532310268({"result":"success","msg":"Obrigado por inscrever-se!"})

I’ve noticed you copied the whole embed script from mailchimp into your site, the guide only calls for copying the action url to post to.

You have some validation for the inputs, regarding their types. If the validation fails, the error is not shown to the user, WF only shows the default error.

There might be some interference, try removing the custom embed.

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