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Get to know Webflow staff


I work with webflow on a average of 5 hours a day, the forum is the first site i visit in the morning for some spam flagging and to help/Lear more.

I “live this tool” every day… and it hit me the other day:

  • Ho are these guys?
  • How big is the team?
  • Where there are?
  • What they do?
  • How is there office?
  • Do they work on cubicles?
  • Is the team all USA?
  • What tools they use?
  • Do they use Mac, Pc, Linux?
  • Do they have the typical “Ping pong / bear Friday thing”?

I don´t thing i´m the only designer that ever ask this questions, i´m just curios to know the staff and the company that i work with there tool for so long.

Is this curiosity weird?


I interviewed one of the co-founders ( @brryant )

should I do more?

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Hum… it helps to kill my curiosity.

Yeah Rui! We’ll be adding an update marketing site with a team page with all the juice details later this year. :smiley: But here’s a sneak peak:

We are a team of about 6 people.
We’re based in the Silicon Valley and San Francisco in California.
What do we do? We live normal lives. Some are single, are married, and some have kids. We work hard on Webflow during the day and fight crime at night.
Our office is small but cool. We’ll probably share pics later. No cubicles - we all work in one room usually with headphones or music playing in the background.
We use all sorts of tools. Primarily Webflow, the terminal, Sublime Text, Chrome, and Illustrator.
Mainly on Macs, but we do a lot of testing on PC’s, chromebooks, Apple devices, and Android devices.
Do we have the typical “Ping pong / beer Friday thing”? I’d say this is a daily thing. :wink:


who currently holds the #1 Rank in the office?

@thesergie My curiosity is fulfill :smiley:

Ohhh… Myth broken! I thought they were like


Today I was asking myself how many people there is in your team cos what you do on webflow is just Amazing !!!

I’m using webflow all day long to work on my project and each day I say : “wooooo ! Without webflow it would be very difficult to achieve all I have to do !”

So, a big thank you to all the Webflow team !!!

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I cant remember if I used a software that amazed me like Webflow. And a big part is that the team is a part of the community. I’m like many sitting with Webflow all day, making websites and designing ui for a software where developers take over adding the magical stuff. I asked at one point if the code was usefull and they said they using pretty much all of the code just changing some of the css. Its truly a amazing product. Thanks! =)