Webflow stability and performance

I have had a hosted webflow site for around 7 months now and I am very surprised and somewhat disappointed at amount of downtime/performance issues there has been.

I have worked with other hosting providers, and built my own sites and never had such issues. (I am not counting scheduled maintenance here)

What I find more concerning is that when I compare our monitoring apps (of which we have several completely independent) they tell a different tail to the official webflow status page. In the past I have felt that webflow dont tell the true tale when it comes to issues.

So whats going on? Why do you let sites go down at all? What is happening? Am I the only one that is experiencing this and feels like one of the biggest hosting platforms just shouldn’t have these issues?

If you can improve webflows stability I suggest you tell them, rather then putting your wanky comments here.

I had similar issues with some PPC client sites and it was unacceptable to them. Since moved off to my own hosting infrastructure which has been delivering 100%.

We (outsiders) have zero external visibility on change/bug fix deployments within Webflow. They appear to like to keep most everything internal which is unfortunate. Webflow is a black box and as such we get what we get.

Suggestions are depends on theme and site link, share it and I will provide.