Webflow hosting is slow

Hi webflowers!

I am having a really slow speed of loading website hosted on webflow last 2 days. Its 3rd year I am using webflow hosting and everything was always so fast till yesterday.

Do you face this inconvenient situation too? If so, any recommendations, or just wait till its fixed?

Thank you.

Seems like they’re having server issues according to the status pages.

Oh okay, thanks! Where do you exactly see “status pages” ?


Seems like they’re currently under a DDoS attack.

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Our site is completely down. Aren’t the sites hosted on AWS? How is this even possible?

It started working for me.

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This expression is exactly when I first publish my site: https://toyensao.webflow.io/, extremely ugly and slow. Well I got othe back up site now: yến sào Khánh Hòa