Webflow Uptime and Operational status

Dear All,

Our Client monitors the Webflow platform 24x7 and is reporting some uptime and availability issues in the Webflow production Website.
We can’t have many issues with availability in production, what’s happened?


I contractually monitor sites including those deployed on Webflow. Webflow says you are not allowed to in the TOS. My monitors report down time on a regular basis ( I look for specific content in the actual HTML). They could be blocking or having real issues.

I get 100% uptime with all my exported projects I host across the web and I migrated most of my site hosting off Webflow.

You could monitor status.webflow.com and subscribe to notifications but I feel Webflow does not provide a level of accuracy I would expect as they don’t seem to treat partial outages as outages. That’s my personal observation and I may be wrong.