Webflow site to have user authentication login window

We have created a Webflow site for company-use only and want to lock it down to the public using username & password authentication via Okta.
With research, Webflow doesn’t support Okta authentication but they do with Auth0.
Does anyone have experiences with this?

Keywords: Okta Auth0 integration authentication


Hello @mequina

Why not using Webflow site/page protection?

See here > https://university.webflow.com/article/can-i-password-protect-my-website

Piter :webflow_heart:

Thank you @PiterDimitrov,
We’re looking into individual authentication into our custom site.
Something along the lines of SAML or an API call.

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I’ve also tried this with a client’s knowledgable base site for internal use only.

The best way is to add it as a swa in okta admin.
Single username and password set by admin. You need to add a username (email) field as Okta requires this but Webflow doesn’t care about it.

It’s quick and dirty though but it works.

Alternatively, a firebase integration and then set it up with Okta with unique logins. Haven’t tried that yet.


Maybe MemberStack / @DuncanHamra could help?

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Hi @mequina and thanks @indexdepartment!

MemberStack might be able to help. Our primary focus is B2C memberships, but we have a few sites using MemberStack for company-use. However, this is only an option if the content you’re trying to hide doesn’t contain any sensitive information. MemberStack is a front-end authentication service, so the content you place in Webflow is only hidden. We’re creating ways to secure content, but it’s unclear when we’ll have that ready.

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Hey! For those people (like me) who were forced into using an existing auth provider and couldn’t switch to using something like MemberStack I made a template for protecting your pages with Auth0.

It lets you do login, signup, displaying profile images and a bunch of other stuff.

Hope it helps!