Webflow Site Integration with ActiveCampaign / OptInMonster

Hello hello
ActiveCampaign has a great pop up form builder, but it doesn’t allow for custom fields. You can make an inline form with custom fields from within ActiveCampaign. You can take the HTML from that form and import it into OptIn Monster, and that will allow you to have a modal with custom fields in it.

That’s what I’m looking for, a pop-up with custom fields. Both ActiveCampaign and OptIn Monster assure me that this should work, but neither I nor my designer has been able to get this to work.

Happy to pay an hourly rate for help with this. Emails to DanesFakeEmail@gmail.com (don’t worry, it’s really an email). I’m going to crosspost in Upwork as well.

Have you all tried to build a custom form in Webflow then pass the subscriber information by URL to these apps upon submit?

I really doubt that we have tried that. I know that I have not.

I know we used Sendy & Amazon SES and had done that on several BigCommerce and Shopify stores. The URL on submit would be something like http://yourappdomain.com/subscribe&=fieldname1&fieldname......then the apps custom form ID. You can grab that in the snippet they give you for embedding the form. So you are bypassing their form and adding info direct to the list inside of ActiveCampaign. In many that ID correlates

Hope it works out let us know how it goes.