Email Signup field populates our app's signup flow on a separate page

We want there to be a signup box where the user inputs their email to pre-populate the next step in the signup process; like on the landing page; we just need the email they input into that box to populate our email field on this page;

If a user inputs their email into a box on the webflow page, can that automatically be sent via API? Or better yet; can webflow just open a specific window and populate one field with the email the user input on the webflow page?

Possible with custom coding - intercept and inserts variable as a get parameter via url to second page which reads parameter and inserts into field.

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No, there is no Webflow API yet.

With custom code

#Here are the tools you need to put above script together

Submit to second page:

Simply change form action to second page’s relative URL.

Get parameter from URL: or

Get an element on the page:

Set value of a form field:

Great, thanks for the reply. Is there any code examples you know of related
to this?

Also, just to make sure I understand you correctly; this can be done
completely through webflow, with no additional code being added to the site
where the email is being populated (the site being populated is not a
webflow site), is that correct?



Thanks for sending this over, but this updates a webflow site as the second
page; we need to update a page that is not a webflow site without adding
any code to that page; is that possible?

No that is not possible

So you’re saying that I cannot get an email submitted into my webflow site
out into my app in any form? Can I send the email from my webflow site to
my app via an API?

I really do need to get my signup flow looking like Intercom’s and that
means putting the email a user inputs into a non-webflow site.


If the other page belongs to you, then you will be able to insert JavaScript code. If you can’t then the other way is to host that second form within the same domain.

Note that this is NOT a Webflow limitation or bug, but it has to do with the way JavaScript works.

Great, that works; do you have an example of anyone or any code which shows
an email submitted to webflow being given to another app?


You are confusing the two. Either submit to Webflow OR post the form data to another page that you own.

Post the form data to another page that you own - Both pages will be similar in the way my demo above shows.

Just to make sure we are on the same page; I want a visitor to submit their
email on a webflow page and then for that email to be given via API to our
app for it to open it’s own window separately from webflow.

Let’s break it down:

1. I want a visitor to submit their email on a webflow page
It might be possible use Webflow’s default form submit, and yet hook another submit function on top of that. There is no guarantee this will work as it is untested.

$(function() {
  $('#myForm').submit(function() {
    // Do something else

2. Same email to be given via API
There is no Webflow API.

3. To our app
Did you mean Webflow project?

4. Open it’s own window separately from Webflow
You can open a new window in JavaScript, with the form parameters appended to the URL. You have to insert custom code in the new window to get the form parameters from the URL and insert the parameters into the form.

on your point #3, no, our app is not a webflow project, it is a separate
site not using webflow which needs to receive the email submitted on our
webflow site.

Like I said, it is doable as long as you have access to the other site’s page. I already provided instructions on how to go about it above.

Hi @samliew, I’m trying to use the form action to pass an email to a second pages relative URL, but I am unsure of how to do this. (It’s probably really simple but I’m a newby :slight_smile: )

Basically I want the url in the second page to look like this /success?

Thank you in advance

@samliew I basically just need to know how to do this.