Mailchimp popup


I have a client who uses Mailchimp, and would like to have data capture popups on their website.

Normally, I’d expect to be able to set that up on Mailchimp, and that handle all the opening rules, setting cookies on close etc. I don’t think that’s the case with Webflow + Mailchimp, though?

I know there are ways to create popups in Webflow with Interactions, but wonder how I’d be able to not show it again to users have closed the popup.

Has anyone any recommendations on how best to integrate this?


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You shouldn’t have any problem adding Mailchimp’s standard signup pop-up to your Webflow site. It will generate a chunk of script which you add to your page’s HEAD or BODY depending on the instructions.

Yes you can make nicer-looking pop-ups with interactions, but also yes, conditional cookies adds some work. However, it’s an interesting problem and I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult with a bit of jQuery.

  • Create your interaction-based popup and integrate it to push signups to webflow.
  • Trigger the interaction on a button click, or an element-scrolls-into-view event.
  • On pop-up display, set a snooze cookie to e.g. 48 hours timeout.
  • On OK form submission, set a perma-snooze cookie, since we assume they’re enrolled now. I’d also have a “don’t show this again” button that does the same thing.
  • On page load, if the snooze cookie is still active, hide or remove the element that causes the trigger event.