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Site meta tags on published site, not updated in google index

I’m having trouble with the Google description on my webflow site.

I have entered the meta description for the individual pages, as well as using the SEO options in site settings, but when searching on Google it shows the description as two headlines from articles on my site.

I have also submitted a sitemap to Google webmaster tools, but no difference. Does anyone have any ideas as to what is causing it?


I suggest trying to unpublish then republish your site again. You may need to wait until Google re-indexes your website.

Hi @GraemeC, I can see from the published site, that the correct meta data is shown:

So while it will not hurt to republish, the issue is not with the meta tags, and the site is already showing those correctly.

I would advise to have Google Webmaster Tools recrawl the site, and re-submit the sitemap to google Webmaster tools:

Url to sitemap:

Sometimes it can take a little time for Google to refresh the index.

I hope this helps!