Ecommerce sort and filter...NECESSARY ECOMM FEATURE

Hey, I am building more ecommerce sites for clients on Webflow. Each has a large product offering and really needs sort and filter functionality as well as breadcrumbs.

When are these features going to be available on Webflow team? Standard and necessary features for ecomm! I have found it insanely complex to fiddle around and attempt to configure this from scratch and still can’t get it to work properly.

I know there are hundreds of other people like me who need the same functionality. 99% convinced to head back to Shopify and build all my ecomm sites on there.

At least in some of the recent conferences people asked the same thing and webflow team answered that they are looking forward to more headless ecom solutions.

Here comparison of few filtering solutions.

If these are too much to grasp at the time, I would not consider Webflow for big ecommerce projects.