Webflow Reverse DNS Proxy (2 Webflow Sites)

I’d like to have my main site be in Webflow (www.domain.com) and have a separate Guide section be another Webflow site (www.domain.com/guides). We’ve reached the max of 100 pages and have very specific URLs that we can’t accomplish with the CMS system.

I want to use Cloudflare Workers for this, but I’ll need some help on the setup, what would my configuration look like?

Once that is set up, I assume I point my main domain at the Routes url that is provided by Cloudflare?


Additionally, I want to do this with AWS Amazon CloudFront.

This is a really good Guide:

One more AWS resource for those looking, is here: Hosting two Webflow sites on the same domain with the second site in a subfolder - #9 by Evan1