Is it possible to setup a reverse proxy on a Webflow site with Amazon Cloudfront?

Hey, Webflowers

I currently have a client who has their region specific pages in a subdirectory e.g. Now they want their root domain to show the Webflow site but keep the old /en website on AWS. We understand that they need to setup a reverse proxy with Amazon Cloudfront, but they are unsure of how to exactly set it up & test it on a Webflow project or if it’s even possible with Webflow anyways. So could anyone please give us some recommendations on this one and possibly help us to understand the steps we need to take with Amazon cloudfront?

ps: We have reached out to Webflow support already, but they only provide support on a reverse proxy if the client is on Enterprise plan, but that is not the plan our client wants. So we pretty much left with asking help from the community here.

You might want to review this resource page over at AWS. I like to use Nginx for the proxy myself. See Serving Content Using a Fully Managed Reverse Proxy Architecture in AWS | AWS Architecture Blog