Help - HREF prefix/hosting my own site split between my own host and Webflow

Hi there

I have a small simple Webflow site that I need to host (or at least, have it appear in the URL as if it’s being hosted from my domain). And I’m running into very big issues trying to accomplish that. I hope someone here can help…

I already have my own domain hosted at Dreamhost where I have lots of other non-Webflow content/services. For purposes of this conversation let’s call it
I want to continue to host most of over at Dreamhost where my older pages are running.
I’ve built a shiny new small Webflow portfolio site, that I’d like to appear at And all the pages/assets there I’d like to appear in that directory structure (*)

How can I accomplish that? I found this page:

– BUT step 4 there doesn’t make sense to me… this seems to be a catch-22 because it assumes I have a “subdomain connected in Webflow such as “”” –
but the point here is that I DON’T have a subdomain connected in Webflow because to do that (i think?) I would have to port over my whole top level domain (via DNS settings) from Dreamhost to Webflow in order to “connect a subdomain in Webflow,” right? So how do I continue to host most of my existing content/services for at Dreamhost, but have* resolve to the subsite hosted at Webflow?

Thanks for any help!