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URGENT HELP!: Webflow site within reverse proxy configuration

Hello everyone,
I need help!

We are trying to use our webflow site a custom domain. The planned setup is shown below:

With the current capabilities of domain connection on webflow,
we need to insert a CNAME record to our DNS records.
Is there any other way around that we can use here to achieve this?

What we tried so far;

  1. Exporting webflow to another s3 bucket

While this works fine, it contradicts our purpose of using webflow in the first place.

  1. Using Cloudfront to distribute the requests

This did not work as the CNAME value is

Thanks in advance.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@samliew I am always following your replies, do you have any idea about this topic?

You could use Webflow and its hosting on your “” domain, and then create subdomains for the S3 Bucket web apps like: “” & “”.

I’m pretty sure it’s not possible to use the domain structure that you mentioned in your post.

Probably we gonna put our webflow project on a subdomain. Thanks a lot for opinion!! :+1: