Webflow Project Showcase template - free, cloneable

You have done Webflow projects for others, or projects that are hosted outside of Webflow, and for various legal and CEO reasons, you can’t showcase it as-is in your Webflow profile page?

Then use this starter template to showcase your work. It currently has two sections, one showing your homepage on devices, and one showcasing your homepage in full height for the desktop and mobile breakpoints.


An example of this Swhocase page in action: https://webflow.com/website/wrps-1001pneus-com


  • all graphics in SVG (had to switch to PND for devices images because they wouldn’t show up on Safari, SVG images are still in the Asset Manager if you want to switch back)
  • browser windows made in Webflow with blocks and icons, customizables
  • responsive, of course
  • devices graphics made of a SVGbackground and container for screenshots, absolute positionning so you can rework the layout for every breakpoints
  • smartwatch ready because why not?
  • orange Webflow project favicon and springboard icon
  • standard + material design color palette, very handy, check it out!


(Note: this project is the first step of my Webflow Starter Project, a starter template aiming at facilitating some of the recurring design tasks. Upcoming: pre-styled form, widgets, links and buttons. If there are tasks you always perform when starting a project and would like to find in a starter template, tell me in the comments.)

Edit: to protect you from yourself, all the sections of this showcase have been turned to Symbols and then unlinked. That’s kind of a layout backup, unless you mess up with the styles too much, then have to clone the site again.


This is very helpful, thanks @vincent! :smiley:

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Thank you for the feedback @Minewire ! Appreciate it (-: