[Clonable] Smith & Co – Free Portfolio Template For Designers, Photographers, Creatives


I’ve finally got around to putting a freebie together for the community to use. It’s not absolutely polished and there are no doubt areas for improvement. I did try to integrate some kind of cookie with the initial screen that pops up on the homepage so it doesn’t keep displaying every time you return - but don’t quite have the time.

It hasn’t been tested across all devices.

If you would like to contribute in some way or suggest improvements, please feel free. I can make another page or section somewhere to make sure you receive credit for any additions.

To edit the styling of the three views on the Projects page, you’ll need to go to the components page. The only way that I managed to get the masonry grid working properly was by creating a set of custom tabs, which are always visible but set to opacity: 0, height: 0. If they are set to display: none then it breaks the masonry effect - there may be a better way around this beyond my knowledge.

Anyhow, enjoy, and if you have feedback please share.


Live Preview:

Clone Link:


Giving this a bump… :no_mouth:

Thanks and good job. I may rebound on this and share it back. I have ideas to make the scrolling smoother and to add some CSS snap on it. I will then share back!


Hey Vincent,

No worries, thank you for contributing! Not a big fan of snap myself, but if you wanted to include it as an alternative version of the page, sure thing.

There’s probably quite a bit more that could be done with the site in terms of interactions, adding a bit more depth. I just don’t have the time right now, and there hasn’t been much response anyway.

This is awesome!!!

Really great usage of Collection Lists and click-based changes of opacity on the layouts page. This is awesome! Also I like the unique - yet still intuitive - navigation.