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How do templates work in webflow Starter account plan

Like many prior to me I am extremely confused with webflow Starter account plan. Kindly confirm me the same
a) I want to create a personal work website, It will have 7-8 pages(all content). I just need account for that
b) I notice Starter plan allows 2 projects (perfect for me ) but with 2 static pages (which makes no sense)
c) I was considering buying a template which costs $24 (which I am ok paying)
So Webflow is charging me for template + plan + hosting cost which is a lot for just a simple website.

I would like to know thoughts on which is best plan for me and why starter plan is so unreasonably priced unlike websites like wix where cost is by space not by pages

Welcome to the community!

I agree there could be some clarity here, however the two static page limit is for staging sites (these are hosted on the domain) and it’s increased to 100 as soon as you add a Site plan to the project. This also removes it from counting against your project limit, meaning you can add a new project without needing to pay for an Account plan.

Hopefully that clears up any confusion, but feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

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