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Need help regarding to Hosting and Pricing

Hello together!
I have to create six different websites but I am a bit confused by pricing and hosting.
Maybe someone of you can help me :slight_smile:

Is it better to choose “I just need one site” and pay 12$ basic hosting for each website or to choose “designer plans” for 16$ and pay basic hosting (5$? 12$?) for each website?

The websites will be really simple, only static pages. No CMS or anything else needed.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ChristinaG

It really depends on whether you need the features of a Designer plan or not:

The designer plans and hosting prices are two separate things in terms of price, and the hosting price is the same whether you have a ‘free’ plan or a ‘lite’ plan.

As I understand it you can have a free plan (2 sites with 2 pages), and once you add hosting to one of those projects, it doesn’t count against the 2 site limit. Have a read here on the blog by @jmw for a better explanation:

Email if you need more explanation re: plans or tag @cyberdave who can help you here on the forum :slight_smile:


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Thanks for your advice @StuM

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