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Webflow Locking Up

The Designer is constantly locking up again.
This is - literally - the 20th time this morning alone.

If you attempt to Preview your site… nothing happens.

If you attempt to exit and return to the Dashboard…
it can take 2 to 3 minutes to complete.

(For me) Restarting the computer… fixes this problem only temporarily.

Multiple Projects. Multiple Computers. Multiple OS’s.

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I often run into this myself. My guess is that the design servers get overloaded at times, but that’s just a guess. I kind of just deal with it but it can definitely be a progress-slowing problem.

Hi @Revolution thanks for the heads up.

Can you send me a read-only link so i can try to reproduce the issue?

@Revlolution said multiple projects and multiple computers. Shouldn’t be to hard to reproduce. It happens all the time.

This morning… At 8:18 am

At 10:09 am
The Webflow Designer stalled.

This began when I selected the Preview icon…
(no issues had occurred prior to this)
The Webflow Designer sat there doing nothing.
I decided not to close browser… and instead waited for about 2 minutes - (give or take).

The Preview did eventually load.
And I immediately exited Preview without any issues.

When this issue occurs
the same exact issue will be encountered if you attempt to exit the Designer
and return to the Dashboard. It’s appears to be the same issue.

To continue… I was also able to re-enter Preview and Exit multiple times
before successfully and quickly existing the Designer for the Dashboard.

So… If you sit and wait… the issue appears to fix itself.

When the problem starts… It is doing something. I’m not sure what.
But it appears to be related to your local system communicating with the Webflow Server.

Previewing… requires that your local system
"talk to the Webflow Server".

Exiting Preview and returning to the Dashboard… requires that your local system
"talk to the Webflow Server".

So… there are 2 common things between
"entering Preview - and - Exiting the Designer to the Dashboard"

They are…

  1. Your local system
  2. “talk to the Webflow Server”

And since this issue occurs on multiple computers…
I think we can safely eliminate “1) Your local system”.

SO… the LOCK-UP I previously mentioned… is more of a STALL.

And since it always takes about 2 to 3 minutes… I’m thinking this is a LOOP.
which I actually mentioned months ago… and the issue seemingly went away after numerous complaints and a bit of time for the Developers to look into it.

And now since it’s back… it means a bug was likely re-introduced.

And when I say LOOP
… I mean - the Application (Webflow Designer) “checks” the server for “something”.
And the server - doesn't respond. So the Designer - sits and waits - in a LOOP.

Eventually… when the Server catches up… it (the Server) responds to the Application (Webflow Designer)…
and the Designer continues into Preview or exits to the Dashboard… thus “resolving the issue

This is what happens every time this issue occurs.

It’s very easy to recreate the issue. It just literally - takes some time time.

You need to actually create and work on a project.

If you attempt to recreate the issue by simply dropping a couple elements onto a form and “messing around”… you probably will not encounter this error.

Todays error - took about 2 hours or so - to become visible.

Hi @Revolution

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to write up that detailed report. This is invaluable information when investigating these performance-related issues and the help is greatly appreciated!

Our team is currently looking into improving performance, but this 2-3 minute wait time for preview seems like a different issue altogether. I can totally understand the frustration when waiting in between clicks – not a good experience at all!

I’m sure you’ve already optimized all your assets so I think we can rule out the possibility that these are causing the lag.

One other question for you - Are you seeing any console errors when the preview mode get’s stuck in the loop you described?

Steps I’ve taken:

  • I’ve reached out to our designers who spend several hours at time in the Designer to see if they have run into this issue as well.
  • I’ve also reported all of the information you provided to the team so we can start investigating this.

Also regarding performance, it is possible for the Webflow Designer UI to experience slowdowns — mainly on large sites or sites with many styles, pages, and / or complex data bindings.

As mentioned briefly above, the team is actively working now on some platform updates to monitor and improve the performance levels across the board.

I’ll reach out with more information as soon as I have an update for you. Thanks again for all your help :bowing_man:

I haven’t seen any console errors… but will that in mind in the future.

Based on a previous post… I had thought the complexity of the project may be a factor…
as the project I was working on (at the time of the post) is / was very, very large.

but this is a brand new project.

Here’s an image of the structure - it’s not large… basically in it’s current condition it’s 1 page.

I’ve noticed these problems mostly in dealing with FlexBox. Not sure if that’s the actual case… but I’ve been using Flex more and more - especially in the last 6 months. Which is about when I initially started encountering this issue.


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and I think I’ve seen previous posts (outside of this post) from @jdesign and @Cricitem
mentioning similar issues.

Here’s a video (iPhone) of the issue - as it’s happening.

This occurred around 1 PM today…
I’d say - this incident is about the 6th or 7th time it’s happened today.

At the point I capture this video… the issue had already been running for about a minute.

I cut the video short to make the smaller in size… but the issue occurred for another 1 or 2 minutes
before the Designer exited to the Dashboard.

Notice that I can make changes to the elements - even though the Designer has stalled.

And when I re-entered the Designer - the changes were there.

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I know you guys are working on this… but this issue is very frustrating.

Especially considering this problem was fixed months ago. This is recurrence of a bug.

Just letting you know…

Here it is again. This happened last night.

See time mark 15s - then 25s - then 1m:36s.

The issue had been running for about 1 minute before I recorded it.

You will see at time mark 1m:36s… the issue resolves and the Dashboard loads (right at the end of the video when the screen flashes white).

So 1m:36s + about 1 minute (before I grabbed my iphone to record) = 2m:36s.


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Thanks for the additional info and videos @Revolution!

I’ve added these to our current report and we will continue looking into this at high priority to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your help and patience. :bowing_man:

just to let you know… 11:11 am
it did it again.

This issue is very, very reproducible.
It just takes some time.
I’ve been continuously working on this project for 4 hours.
I’ve seen the issue twice today. About every 2 hours.
Last incident was about 2 hours ago.

Honestly - It’s happening so often…
it’s not even worth getting it on video or posting about it.
You already get the idea. And the video speaks for itself.

So at this point… I’ll just stop posting about it and hope a resolution is near.

Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for letting me know @Revolution – your videos and above descriptions have given us enough to go on for sure – very clearly there is an issue here and one we hope to resolve soon.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as I hear back from the team on this.

Thanks again for your help and patience!

Hi @Cricitem @jdesign

We just deployed a fix for this issue. You should be seeing far less delay when using preview mode.

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