Webflow Pages Plugin - can I unpublish?

Just looking for a bit of clarification on the Pages plugin for WordPress. After I set up everything on the backend, can I safely unpublish my Webflow site from the staging domain?


No I don’t believe you can. The plugin fetches a page(s) and then caches it locally with the WordPress install. That cache is not permanent.

If you want Webflow like control over a WordPress site, without the limitations of the plugin, I suggest you look at Oxygen Builder or Bricks for WordPress. If you want to convert a webflow site to a WordPress theme take a look at Pinegrow.

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Thanks, Jeff. My situation is a bit weird - the client site is now built in Webflow except for the ecommerce portion, which is currently using Woocommerce. Still evaluating whether something like Memberstack/Foxy will work and we can go full Webflow.

I worry if we go the Pages route, the Webflow published version would be indexed by search engines. Do you know if I disable indexing on the Webflow published version if that would impact the version on Wordpress?

It would not unless you had a meta no index tag in the header of the pulled page. Robots.txt exclusion would suffice on the published webflow project instance.

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Awesome. Thank you! Much appreciated.

@ColemanChrisB - You are more than Welcome. Kudos for all the participation in the forums. Much appreciated!

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