Google stopped indexing new articles

Hi Webflow fam,

All of a sudden Google stopped indexing new articles and product pages that I publish. Everything before May 26th is indexed, and everything I’ve posted after that isn’t getting picked up. I used Google Search Console to check that my pages are indexable and it’s confirming that they are (see screenshot for example). If I try the old “Request Indexing” trick, it says that there’s a problem submitting my indexing request (see screenshot)

Here’s an example page that’s not getting indexed: When to Take Energy Gels: Guide for Every Race Distance | Supwell

I used to work in SEO so this one is a bit of a stumper… would love any suggestions. I haven’t done any sketchy linkbuilding or publish low quality content, etc that would have Google penalize my site, and I also didn’t check anything technical on the backend during the time when Google stopped indexing pages.

Help please? :slight_smile:


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Indexing can take hours or weeks. May 26 not too long ago. Might be a timing thing.