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Webflow on tablets

So I am going away for a few months and can’t bring my PC. I don’t own a laptop and was looking at tablets to bring because they are more portable and cheaper than a good laptop. Sadly, Webflow does not work on any tablets because of its screen size requirements… or so I thought!

In comes the desktop mode on Samsung Tab S6!

It just works! And it is the only one it works on. I just tried it in the store and it works just like on my PC. Just wanted to share this great discovery!

Great! But I wouldn’t be so stoke so quick… test in the shop may not live up in real life.

You can fire up Webflow Designer on an iPad, by either using iCab Mobile app and set the user agent to desktop, or a large iPad Pro with iOS 13.

It launches, however the browsers have hard time to differenciate a drag and a scroll, resulting in not being able to drag, or scroll, especially in the UI panels.

So it seems it works, but it’s far from working. Be sure you test it for real before investing big bucks and finding yourself stuck when away. And if it works well on the Samsung, I’d really like to see that in video! :—D

Thank you Vincent! I will make sure to go back and check more before buying. I did do some easy edits and it worked fine but will make sure to do an extra check :slight_smile:


I have noticed from some user use cases, that the full Webflow window doesnt show, so when they try to scroll down the page, especially within CMS collections, it will not scroll. It sees it as a drag and not a scroll as @vincent described.

I would be cautious in using an iPad for the foreseeable future with Webflow. Your best bet is to use a Laptop instead.

Please let me know if you have any other questions,

~ Happy Designing ~

Even when a mouse with wheel is hooked to the tablet. I tried this on iPad and the wheel scroll works for a normal page, but it won’t always scroll inside of a sub element of the viewport, like a Webflow UI panel.

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