Webflow Multisite Approach?

Hi there,

I would like to run multiple Webflow sites (10+) that have the same structure.
In other words, I want to run a multisite project without running multiple fully individual sites.
With a stemming approach, changes to one master template should change all child templates.
At the same time, child templates should be allowed to deviate from the master.

My questions:
1.) Do you see an approach to have some kind of master template for multiple Webflow sites?
2.) How could it generally be handled that changes to this template affect all sites?

I don’t ask for the complete solution. I just would like to learn if you think, this is generally possible with Webflow. If so, what the direction to take would be (e.g. via Webflow API, stylesheets or whatever).

Thank you!

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I don’t see this as reasonably possible. This would be a trivial exercise with WordPress multisite.

Thank you for your fast and helpful reply, Jeff!

The main issue is you would need 10+ hosted sites and there is no tool to sync designs across them aside from a global CSS which does not really work with Webflow. There are a bunch of other limitations that I won’t bore you with. If you need a dev partner to help you implement a solution feel free to reach out.

Hey Jeff,

Thank you again! - And sorry for my late reply.

We already have a running solution based on the Symfony framework. Working with the Symfony templates is just quite bothersome. So, I was thinking about a better decoupling from frontend and backend via Webflow. But the need to manage 10+ sites centrally seems to be a major limitation. So thank you for confirming this.