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Large site - will it work with Webflow?

I’m a longtime frontend developer that has recently started using Webflow. I love it!

I recently started work at a large international charity and have been given the daunting task of redesigning their website. Endgame is to consolidate approximately 30 websites into one using Webflow, but I’m not sure it can be done for 2 key reasons…

  1. There’s a max of 100 static pages.
  2. There’s a maximum of x40 CMS Collections under the Business plan (not sure about Enterprise).

x40 CMS Collections seem decent, but there’s one problem…

I want to construct the website like this…

According to what I’ve found, a CMS Collection can only apply to a specific folder location (i.e. blog/. This means, any CMS Items within the collection must reside in that same folder location. That’s a problem if you want to create a collection for each homepage, as they’ll need to be located in the one folder. As outlined above, I want them in different folders for SEO purposes and basic website design considerations.

Likewise, let’s say I want a blog for each of these subfolders. I’d need a sperate CMS Collection for each given the folder constraints of a CMS Collection.

Have I missed something here? What can be done?

Can anyone comment on this?

IMHO, I would not consider this a good fit for Webflow. The CMS is too limiting without support for deep nesting, multi-language features, limits on item count, limits of one template per collection, etc. I would be pitching something like Statamic which offers unlimited flexibility.