Re-use style across multiple Webflow websites?

Hi, I have a website (for a podcast) and branching out to multiple languages (same brand, same name, same style, different content).

Ideally, for SEO and creating a localized brand, each language will get it’s own content on it’s own domain name with a country TLD.

But, giving each version it’s own domain will require a different Webflow instance. This is fine bij me in terms of separating the content, but I’m afraid this means that any update to the layout/design needs to be re-created for each language website. There will be 4 languages, and keeping all theses websites in sync with each other isn’t something I look forward to… AFAIK you can’t create a single template that multiple website use AND where updates to the core template gets applies to the other subsites on other domeins.

The only “solution” I can come up with is to drop the “separate domains” requirement and just host everything on 1 domain and create subfolders for the different languages. But then I’d loose all the SEO benefits.

Is there any way I could accomplish managing a website on multiple domains while maintaining a single design template?