Webflow Memberships: Unique Navbar For Subscription Members (Please Help)

I am starting my first membership site and I was hoping to have a custom navbar, for guests (non-accounts) Members (accounts), and Subscribers (Paid accounts). I was wondering if there was any simple was to achieve this because currently "Visibility and User Access only seems to work in logged-in/out users. Not sure if this is something I can achieve with components or something like that. Please let me know. Thank you!

Unfortunately nothing out-of-the-box. Like you found, it’s only based upon logged in, and logged out state. Not granularly based upon the type of member.

Some custom code hosted somewhere else would get you this, but you’d have to create that yourself.

Hey Chris, thanks for responding, I really appreciate it! I might integrate a 3rd party then.

It’s not available yet directly in Webflow, however we’ll be adding access groups support to Sygnal’s Current User Information library, within the next few weeks.

One of the primary use cases is conditional display of elements, menus, tabs, carousel items, popups, CTA’s, etc.

Also, you just get all of this stuff for free with Memberstack if you’re open to that. Could always switch back to Webflow once they offer such things natively.