Unique site for each member

Hello, I am kinda new to Webflow and if anyone could help me I would be more than happy.
I would like to have a multiple different sites for each member b.e. with different text (name, subscription model) or uploaded pictures? For now I found a solution to make 20 unique pages for each member and give them seperate access group (limit of 20). Is there please any easier solution? Thanks for any response.

Hi David, if I’m reading your post right-

  • You are using Webflow Memberships
  • You want to create a unique page for each user
  • It’s important to secure each user’s page so that only that user can see it
  • Currently you’re using one access group per user to do this

In Webflow memberships, the only page that has user-level security is the /user-account page, which loads the current user’s specific information. It’s not particularly easy to customize, but you can use user data fields there with custom script to create a kind of user-specific dashboard.

One access group for each user, and you create can create other pages on your site that are locked down to a particular user. This isn’t ideal due to admin issues, linking issues, etc.

You can use Sygnal’s Current User Info library to make some of the current user info ( name, email, custom fields ) accessible on other pages, only when that user is logged in. That gives you a bit more flexibility because you’re not locked into specific pages. It’s secure since it’s built on top of Webflow’s existing mechanisms.

Just wait. It will likely be some months, but I understand that member-level gating is on the membership team’s roadmap.

Those are really your main options in Memberships. If you want a more robust solution faster, you’ll likely need to switch to something like Memberstack for now until Memberships has user-level gating support.

Hi @David_Kovar :wave: welcome to the forum!

There is a different way to think about this.

Instead of trying to offer a different site for each user, you can offer one site that hosts many users - and displays unique information to each of them.

Search Google for terms like “multi-tenancy web applications”. This will give you some good reading material.

So how would you approach this with Webflow?

Webflow Memberships

If you were thinking of using Webflow Memberships for this, it accomplishes that goal (multi-tenancy) but with limitations.

It allows you to have many users on the same application, but currently they don’t have a good way to display unique information per logged in user (site wide).

The Webflow Memberships use-case is for gating content, not providing a personalized user experience.

Here is the Webflow lessons page about that.

Webflow + Memberstack

That said, you can get what you’re looking for, multi-tenancy with personalized content for each tenant by using Memberstack with Webflow.

There are trade-offs in using it, but it’s a much more mature product. Here are some screencasts walking through various setups getting you want you’ve asked for:

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much! I appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot, this might be it! I appreciate your help.