Show options after purchase/login

Hello, I want that once a user has purchased a product (Membership type, only one purchase), a section appears in the menu called, for example, “My courses.” I want to do the same with the user account; once the user logs in, they should have the option to access their profile. Is it possible? Thank you very much.

You can do it once they’re logged in.

Webflow has built in conditional visibility based on login state, so it’s easy to show that menu only for logged-in users. However if you want user-specific content in it, that gets trickier.

Here are three good options;

  • Ditch user accounts, and switch to MemberStack. You’ll find a lot of resources there that allow you to resolve issues like this. You may need some custom code, but the forums and docs will have solid examples and cloneables.

  • Stick with User Accounts, but use SA5’s User Info lib to get the user’s access groups and custom user data. You’ll be able to build the full feature you’re describing, but due to the way User Accounts is designed, the client-side JS approach used in SA5 is somewhat overcomplex for my liking.

  • Stick with User Accounts, and hire me to build a solution based on a new reverse-proxy stack we call Hyperflow. It is extremely fast and reliable, and you’d have access to all of the current User Account info for the currently logged in user instantly so that your can personalize your site and gate access to content efficiently. Typically I use this for universities which have very complex access needs, or for corporate extranets where the ability to change/revoke access immediately is essential. But it’s widely applicable for anyone who is using WF User Accounts.


@memetican thank you for the info; Sygnal Attributes sound interesting, I wasn’t familiar with them. I’ll look into it. On the other hand, I had thought about loading order information into Airtable and then transferring it to Webflow, linking the user ID so that the information appears. I haven’t tried it yet.