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Webflow - Mailchimp form not working in Firefox

Hi Guys,

I’ve just finished a client website and have an error on a standard sign up form linked to Mailchimp.

It works perfectly in Chrome & Safari but when submitted in Firefox I get an error (see attached)


@cyberdave I know you’ve fixed this error before in your previous post about Firefox & Padding so I’ve removed all the inner padding from the form and it’s text boxes already.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! The Read Only link is below.



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi @andymaccoll I don’t think the issue is Firefox, but rather the value in the email field. I just successfully submitted the form in both Chrome and Firefox.

However, when I tried to submit it with an email of , I received the error you’re seeing. Checking the JS console it says “MailChimp error: This email cannot be added to this list. Please enter a different email address.”

Here is a screenshot showing this:

You may need to reach out to Mailchimp support to see why it is not accepting certain email addresses

Oooh that’s fascinating thanks so much for looking into that @justin_c I’ll take it up over there and will return here with their response for the forum.

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Known “test” or “example” email address that are obviously fake are automatically blocked by MC.

Hey @samliew thanks for your reply. I have tried the form with a new email address and it’s coming up with this error. Also awaiting a response from Mailchimp.

I have also gone back to my personal website in which the form at the bottom also isn’t working in Firefox. However works in both Safari & Chrome.

I’m wondering whether it’s because I’ve chosen a different embed form which provides more information rather than the email only sign up form in the Webflow University documentation here.

Having the same problem. It just doesn’t seem to send the information over using firefox, works fine in all other browsers.

I’ve been messing around with a client site, trying for days to get the Webflow form to submit info over to Mailchimp… I even followed the @webflow instructions to a T.

After stressing out by trying multiple different things, I found out that by removing the “s” from the “https://” part of the Form Action url, that it FINALLY worked!

In the Webflow instructions, it does tell us to include the “s” in the “https://” part of the Form Action url we’re copying from the Mailchimp embed form code. (Dunno if ya’ll wanna update the instructions, or if I just found a workaround on my own?)

Might give this a try and see if it works :wink:

@anonmusic Thanks for your recommends here! However we tried this and it still doesn’t work on our end. I’m wondering if it could be an extension causing the issue in Firefox so we’re going to do a fresh install and will update!

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